About Dinosaur Dental- Pediatric Dentist in Endicott, NY


Dinosaur Dental specializes in pediatric dentistry. We place your child’s health and happiness as our top priorities. Everything we do goes toward ensuring that your child receives only the most beneficial and effective treatment in a fun and non-threatening environment. Dinosaur Dental is committed to playing an important role in your child’s oral health from a very early age through adolescence. By seeing children starting at the age of 1, we are able to diagnose any dental issues early on, partner with parents to let them know what to expect as their children grow, all the while providing gentle and patient-focused comprehensive care on each step of their “journey”. Come and visit us under the Big Dinosaur in Endicott, NY!

  • Televisions in the ceiling with wireless headphones
  • Vibrant and colorful kid-friendly decor
  • Toys in the waiting room
  • Convenient hours
  • Family friendly
  • Accepting most insurances, including Medicaid, Fidelis, and CHP!
  • Both General and Pediatric Dentists Available
  • Aquarium with colorful fish
  • Cavity free board and prizes to keep kids motivated

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